...an expression of enjoyment through preservation...
At Brickyard Creek “Sustainability” and “Green” are more than terms – they are working concepts that have been the foundation of our development and operating philosophy since 1997.

Brickyard has always been on the leading edge pioneering and implementing environmental preservation and sustainability.  Created by the developers and adopted and advanced by the Homeowner’s Association the Brickyard Creek Development philosophy includes;

  • Thoughtful site planning that allows the existing terrain and intrinsic environment to control the location of all development activities
  • Leading edge  design and building practices that help preserve the existing forest and vegetation
  • Intelligent interior design that allows smaller building footprints
  • Interpretive programs with regional and local participation including the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.
  • Emphasis on “nature-based’ amenities that allow owners and guests to enjoy and protect the surrounding environment through low-impact activities