New Construction

The Developer attends to the construction of the cottage on a turn-key basis. Buyer involvement is left totally to the discretion of the Buyer. Included in the cottage pricing is Developer financing for 75% of the cost of construction. The buyer is responsible for 25% of the construction costs over a period of time; $5000.00 as Earnest Money, the balance of 15% on commencement of construction and the remaining 10% when the roof is complete. Upon completion, the Developer and the Buyer conduct an on-site punch list and the cottage is delivered at closing to the Buyer in “white glove” condition, ready for occupancy.

Brickyard Creek Cottages

 Brickyard Creek IBrickyard Creek IIBrickyard Creek III
CREEKSIDE A$311,000$324,000$335,000
CREEKSIDE B$306,000$318,000$329,000

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