This new program for Brickyard Creek Condo sites is designed with two specific objectives in mind. First, existing owners will have the opportunity to purchase a condo site that offers a number of opportunities: a) buy and hold a site as an environmental buffer; b) buy and construct a garage or another cottage for family or rental at some future point; c) hold for investment and retain control of siting and design of future structures upon sale of the condo site. The Second objective of the Condo Site Purchase Program is to offer prospective buyers the opportunity to secure a site for a future in Brickyard Creek without the larger investment in a cottage at the time of purchase.

There are only 23 condo sites left in this coveted community! Be an early bird and choose a “premo” condo site now, before they are gone.

Prices of the condo sites range from $45,000 to $65,000, depending on the condo site location, amenities and quality.


This Purchase Program is also available for Brickyard Creek Lakeshore lots and Fire Hill Lots.


Prospective buyers are offered terms of 4.50% amortized over 20 years with a 3 year balloon payment or 4.75% amortized over 20 years with a 5 year balloon payment. More information can be found here.

Contact Bob or Susan at Brickyard Creek Realty for more information soon.

Bob Davidson:    1-612-751-2721
Susan Keachie:   1-715-742-3326